Reaching New Heights

We strive to provide our patients with more than just healthcare. We go above and beyond what the traditional primary care practice offers. Our holistic, proactive approach to healthcare addresses your physical, mental and emotional well-being through one-on-one counseling and comprehensive diagnostic testing.

Internal Medicine Doctors are called internists (we are not hospital Interns). We specialize in diseases of Internal organs in adults as well as disease prevention. Our care begins at young adulthood to maturity, from being well to chronically ill. We give regular physical exams, offer preventive care, diagnose and treat non-surgical and illness and refer serious or unusual case to an appropriate specialists.

Dr. Gary Anireddy & Dr. Sara Hanumandhla

Building Trust

EKG in Alamogordo
  • Experienced Internists committed to deliver quality primary care.
  • Unparalleled combination of clinical excellence & supportive, compassionate care.
  • Members of the American Medical Association with over ten years of experience.

What We Do

We welcome new patients to our clinic. If you are a new patient, when making an appointment please ensure you have your medicare card, concession cards, insurance and personal information handy. You will be asked for these as well as your date of birth and contact details.


Family Like Care

We provide you and your entire family with personalized and compassionate health care.


Emergency Services

We accept walk-in appointments and quick slot allocation to see you sooner.


Qualified Doctors

Experienced Internists with over 10 years of experience will see you.


Experienced Medical Assistants

we staff only pre-screened and highly skilled experienced medical assistants to help you and your family.


Excellent Support Staff

we excellent support staff to assist you and your family


Advanced Technology

We use cutting-edge and latest advanced technology equipment and process to assess your health or illness

Our Facility

Alamogordo Internal Medicine
Alamogordo Internal Medicine
Alamogordo Internal Medicine
Alamogordo Internal Medicine
Alamogordo Internal Medicine
Alamogordo Internal Medicine
Alamogordo Internal Medicine
Alamogordo Internal Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring anything special to my first visit?

We want to ensure you are seen quickly once you arrive and that your time with the doctor is used effectively. It will be helpful if you bring to all your visits your current insurance card, photo ID, and any medications you are taking.

What should I do if I miss my appointment?

Please call our office during work hours and explain that you have missed your appointment and discuss rescheduling. Please keep in mind that this will appear as a No Show unless notification occurs 24 hours prior to your appointment.

I received a bill and have questions about it.

Our billing department is ready to help you over the telephone or in person during our normal business hours. For your convenience, please contact us to reach our billing department by telephone at (575) 434-2965 for clarifications.